MetalOurém, with head-office in the Seiça industrial area, Seiça parish, municipality of Ourém and company number 503965146, was incorporated in September 1997 with the name "MetalOurém, Lda. " and was the product of the will of a family with strong ties with the metal processing and marketing industry. The strategy/mission at the root of the creation of MetalOurém S.A., metal processing and marketing, "MetalOurém, S.A." undertook to offer higher levels of efficiency, quality, and flexibility, providing quality components and structures at the lowest price, fruit of its strong knowledge in the industry and its strong expertise/experience, in particular for civil engineering business markets and consumers from all over the country. The founders then wished to combine factors such as: Achieving economies of scale resulting from mass production; the complementarity of the productive process; great capacity for innovation and the quality of its products; a lot of know-how from the founders in processing their products and providing services. A lot of investments were made to obtain a better solution for an ever-changing market, in one of the industries that have suffered the most due to sociological, technological, economical, and cultural changes, and is one of the industries that also kept pace with design trends and the development of mentalities.
2Productive Capacity
Currently, MetalOurém owns a modern industrial unit with more than a dozen workers, geared to the building of metal structures, with all physical and logistic resources necessary for the activity. The company has successfully familiarized itself with the most advanced technology related to production equipment and software for technical and logistic support. Thus, in addition to being equipped with spacious facilities, working in an area with 4,000 sq.m (equipped with 4 overhead cranes with a capacity of 10 tons), it uses different metal and mechanical equipment and material transport equipment, using the latest technology. The following equipment stands out in terms of functionality: Cutting line with a capacity up to 850mm, 2 metal sheet benders with a capacity up to 6m and another 4m one with a 3-axle CNC, 1 10mm cutting guillotine with 4m, calender rollers and thread-roll machines and different support machines: saws, boring mills Surface Treatment:: Automatic pickling tunnel, 1600x600mm mouth, 40m of depth, Gitart brand painting booth /with airless paint bombs, /with auxiliary assembly equipment, 3 telescopic machines measuring 17m, 4 Ton capacity with control platform, 1 rotary telescopic machine measuring 16m, 35 Ton crane, 5 service vehicles equipped with tools and PPE. Transport: 4 heavy vehicles with tractors and semi-trailers.
3Quality Policy
As a metal mechanical company, "MetalOurém, S.A." has a license issued by INCI – Class 4 up to 1,200,000 € and is mostly dedicated to building metallic buildings, covering all stages of the manufacturing process of structures and metal covers, monitoring the assembly operations in order to ensure quality control in the works performed. MetalOurém pays special attention to quality assurance, at an earlier stage in the production process when carefully selecting materials and their vendors, and in the final stage of assembling and completing the work. Everything related to work conditions also deserves our special attention, and we strictly comply with safety and health standards at work.